When you sign in to Calxa it will open to the Dashboard screen. A single fixed dashboard is provided for each organisation.

Your dashboard contains six charts: 1. Monthly Income; 2. YTD Net Profit; 3. YTD Wages to Turnover; 4. Monthly Expenses; 5. Key Performance Indicators; 6. Cashflow Forecast Chart. All of the charts excluding the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) display a six month period. KPIs show a full year period.

The months shown on each chart are relative to the last updated date for the organisation displayed. For example, the organisation in the image below was updated in April 2020.

In this example YTD Net Profit and YTD Wages to Turnover reflect YTD actuals ending on the last full month (March 2020)

Monthly Income and Monthly Expenses display budgets & actuals for the 5 months ending on the last full month plus the current part month (April 2020).

The Cashflow Forecast Chart shows 6 months' forecast starting from the 1st month after the last full month

Key Performance Indicators reflect the 12 months ending on the last full month. The value shown is the ending value.

When you have more than one organisation in a workspace the Dashboard will open to the first organisation in the list of organisations.

To look at the dashboard for another organisation in your workspace click on the arrow to the right of the organisation name shown just beneath your name at the top right in the Orange menu bar. Select the organisation you want to look at from the drop-down.

To view the dashboard for an organisation in another workspace, click on your name and select the Workspace required from the drop down, then select the organisation within that workspace in the Orange menu bar.

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