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Add a Dashboard to a Bundle
Add a Dashboard to a Bundle

Add a dashboard with multiple charts and data visualisations as a single page snapshot to your report bundles.

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Dashboards are a great tool to provide an at a glance view of various types of data on a single page. In this help article we'll show you how to include a Dashboard in your Report Bundle, along with all your other reports.

For help with creating dashboards, please check out our other help material in the Dashboards section.

Note πŸ’¬: when exporting bundles to formats other than PDF, such as Excel, the Dashboard content is included as an image in the exported file.

  1. Browse to Reports -> Bundles.

  2. Select the bundle in the left navigation and click ADD A DASHBOARD.

  3. Enter the following properties and click ADD DASHBOARD.

    1. Name: a unique name for the dashboard item in this bundle.

    2. Dashboard: select the dashboard you want to add to the bundle.

    3. Organisation: the organisation or organisation group to generate the dashboard for.

      Note πŸ’¬: Some custom data sources may have their own organisation configuration which will not be overridden.

    4. Show dashboard title in the bundle: check the box to include the dashboard title in the bundle. You can optionally overwrite the dashboards default title using the Title property.

      Add a Dashboard button in Report Bundles menu.


  4. Drag and drop to reorder the Dashboards position in your bundle.

    Drag and drop to change the dashboard position in the bundle.

  5. Additional View, Copy, Edit and Remove options can found in the 3 dots menu.

    Ellipsis menu on dashboard item.
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