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Preview and Export a Report
Preview and Export a Report

Make sure the column layout suits your requirements

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Once you have selected a report template the report Builder screen will open. This screen is where you will set your report criteria and run individual reports.

  1. In the Builder screen you will see a preview of your report on the right and the criteria used to run the report on the left. The report month selector is at the top right.

  2. The Change Template button will take you back to the Template Select screen. Refresh will re-run your report.

  3. You can click on the ellipsis to the right of the Refresh button and select Add to Bundle to add a report to a report bundle. See our Add a Report to a Bundle help note for more details.

  4. There are display, export and print options shown in the toolbar above the report preview.

  5. The buttons shown below allow you to navigate between the pages of your report and go to the beginning and end pages.

  6. The + and - and drop-down allow you to zoom in and out. The button to the left of that toggles you back and forth between multi-page and single page views.

  7. The first printer icon below will print your entire report. The second printer icon prints the current page.

    The disk drop-down allows you to export your report in various formats (PDF, XLSX, RTF, MHT, HTML, Image).

    The search button enables you to search for particular text or words within your report.

  8. You'll find the buttons below to the right of the report preview. They allow you to search, set export options, view a document map and pop the report out to a full browser window.

  9. The button below will pop your report out into a separate browser window to give you a full screen view.

  10. There is a search button on the right which enables you to search for particular text or words within your report, shown below. This is a duplicate of the search function found in the toolbar above your report preview.

  11. Click on the cog to open up the settings for the various export options.

  12. The document map button is available in the builder but will mainly be used in the Bundles screen when viewing bundles containing more than one document. An example of a document map in a bundle is shown in the second image below.

  13. See the Set Report Criteria help note for details on how to configure criteria.

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