Dashboard Tile: Gauges

Gauges are used to show an actual KPI results against a target value such as budget.

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In this article we'll provide information on how to create and customise the Gauges tile type in Calxa dashboards.

Wages to turnover KPI gauge

Bind Data

Each tile type allows you to bind data in a similar way, however each tile will have different data properties. This section describes the data properties specific to a Gauge dashboard tile.


Actual & Target

When adding a Gauge, you'll need to choose an Actual value as minimum, but optionally include a Target value. If both items are provided, gauges show the difference between actual and target values, called delta.

Delta Options

Gauges allow you to display the difference between the actual and target values of a particular parameter. This difference is called delta.

Delta is shown with a delta indicator (indicating whether the actual value is less than or greater than the target value) and delta values (representing this difference as an absolute value or a variation).

Choosing a value to display in the delta position.



Value Type

Specifies which values should be displayed as the delta value.

Result Indication

Specifies the condition for displaying the delta indicator as red or green.

Threshold Type

Specifies the comparison tolerance in percentage values or in absolute values.

Threshold Value

Specifies the comparison tolerance value. If the delta value is between the positive and negative Threshold, the delta value is gray and no indication is displayed.

Format Options

For each value type on the gauge you can choose different number formatting options.

Number format options for each element of the gauge.


Contains the data item whose values will be used to label separate gauges in the tile. If no series is provided, only one gauge element will be displayed. When you add series, the number of gauge elements is multiplied by the number of series values.

Adding KPI name as series value


The Gauge dashboard tile allows you to select a gauge style. Depending on the size and shape of your tile, certain styles may be more appropriate.

Choose a gauge style

The following types are supported.

  • Full Circular

  • Half-Circular

  • Left-Quarter Circular

  • Right-Quarter Circular

  • Three-Fourths Circular

  • Linear Horizontal

  • Linear Vertical


If you've added a series to the gauge tile and therefore have a number of gauges arranged on one tile, you can specify the number of columns or rows by which gauges are arranged.

Setting layout options on gauge tile

The following modes are available.




Automatically resizes gauges to fit within the dashboard item.

Fixed Columns

Allows you to specify the number of columns in which gauges are arranged.

Fixed Rows

Allows you to arrange gauges in a specific number of rows.

Line Count

Use the Line Count field to specify the number of rows/columns

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