Change Log 2023-01-11

New reports plus editable default KPI Account Groups and more.

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New: P&L vs Prior Period & Budget

We recently added a P&L vs Prior Period report which allows you to choose a comparison period like last year or 2 years ago. We've added an additional template to this group so you can also compare to a budget as well as a prior period. This is now in line with the options we provide for Balance Sheet vs Prior Period.

Improved: Report Month for New Year

A small but important usability improvement. Now when switching the Report Month from Dec to Jan we'll also increment the year, and decrement the year when switching from Jan to Dec. In prior years we've seen many users accidently run reports for the wrong year and this should help alleviate this mistake.

Improved: KPI Account Groups

The recent 3rd Generation of Account Trees have been very well received with many users taking advantage of the ability to include KPIs directly in the body of their report layouts. Unfortunately this has highlighted that KPI Account Groups and Account Tree headers may not contain the same accounts and therefore the KPI calculations may not reflect changes made in a custom Account Tree. Where previously default account groups like Total Income were static, and defined by the accounting system account type, we've now made them editable. This means you can now update all KPI Account Groups to reflect your custom Account Tree changes. In the future we'll also provide a way to directly link the Account Tree Headers and KPI Account Groups.

Fix: Sort Workflows by Name

Previously workflows were sorted by the order in which they were added. The My workflows list is now sorted alphabetically by name.

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