Change Log 2022-08-03

Budget fomrula and general performance optimisations.

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Improved: Budget Formula Performance

We've refactored the way we save & load Budget Formulas to the database with the aim to improve the time it takes to load the Budgets & Actuals menu and also improve the time it takes to recalculate live formulas.

Improved: Application Memory Optimisation

These memory optimisations also heavily relate to Budget Formulas and the way we recalculate Live Formulas. We have monitored high memory consumption in recent weeks due to Live Formula recalculation and this was having a negative impact on performance generally. With these optimisations we've significantly reduced the consumption of memory during recalculation and this should give us performance gains across the application generally.

Fix: Workflows Unexpected Error

Over the past few days some users have been seeing unexpected errors on their workflows. This issue was related to time triggers and the recent workspace time zone changes, but has now been resolved.

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