Change Log 2022-07-20

Fix stability on Xero connections plus security and quality updates.

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Fix: Stability on Xero Connections

From time to time users with Xero organisations were finding that their connection to Xero would break, causing daily syncs to fail which then required manual intervention to reconnect. We recognised this was happening more often then it should. So, over the past few weeks we've been investigating and found the root cause. We've applied a fix and after monitoring for a few days we can confirm the issue has been resolved. There are still some users with invalid connections which will require manual reconnection but now once you have a valid connection to Xero, you can expect that to remain active indefinitely with very rare need for manual intervention.

New: Calculated Fields in Custom Report Header/Footer

You can now use calculated fields in your custom Report Header or Footer under the reports styles advanced settings. This enables you to create custom terminology for timeframes or report titles.

Maintenance: Security and Quality Updates

We've applied significant package and framework updates to keep our cloud app secure, stable and up to date with current technologies.

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