Change Log 2022-07-07

Merge fields, new balance sheet with 2 prior periods and improved pie chart filters.

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New: Balance Sheet with 2 Prior Periods

The following new report templates have been added.

  • Balance Sheet with 2 Prior Periods

    • And Budget

  • Balance Sheet with Prior Period (existing template)

    • And Budget

These new reports allow you to compare the current balances with budget and 2 prior actual periods. For example you could compare the current period to budget, last month and last year with variances in the one report.

New: Merge Fields for Bundle Cover Page

For the first time we've added the ability to include merge fields in your Report Bundle Documents. There are longer term merge field ideas but as a starting point we've created date based merge fields so you can add the Report month or Financial year to your bundle cover pages. Check out the Add a Document to a Bundle help article for more details.

Improved: Group Smaller Values in Charts

In certain charts that contain segmented data like Pie and Stacked Bar Charts, you'll now be able to group smaller values using a simple criteria option. We've added an option labelled Group values less than with a default value of 2%. All segments less than 2% of the total will now be grouped as All Other in the resulting chart. You can configure a smaller or larger percentage as required with 0% resulting in no grouping.

Improved: Xero Reconnect and Connected By

Occasionally you'll find that you need to reconnect your Xero organisations to Calxa. We're currently working to reduce how often this occurs and as part of this work we've implemented a few simple improvements to the Organisation Sync information and the reconnect process.

A single Xero user may connect multiple organisations to Calxa. In this scenario we have one authentication token that is used for all of the connections. If the connection breaks it breaks for all. Equally though, when you reconnect one it fixes them all. Previously we didn't show this very well, but now when you reconnect we'll refresh the full list of organisations and clearly show that all have been reconnected.

For this to work best it makes sense for one Xero user to perform all the connections in Calxa. This way when you reconnect it only needs to be a single reconnection process. Previously you couldn't actually see which Xero user had been used for each connection, but we've now updated the Organisation Sync information to show "Connected by" which will show the email address of the Xero login used for the connection.

In the same way, MYOB organisations will show the MYOB User ID that has been used for the connection, and QuickBooks Online organisations will show the QuickBooks User Log in that has been used for the connection..

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