Change Log 2022-06-09

Simplified date criteria with convenient default options and improved comparison reports.

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Improved: Date Criteria with Default Selections

Configuring dates for your report criteria is now so much easier. We've provided convenient default options like 'This Financial Year' & 'Last Financial Year'. Each report has a series of default options that make sense for that style of report. Choosing a default option sets the underlying dynamic dates so you can see how they work and of course you can still choose custom for full control of the dates. For help please see the Date Selection help article.

Improved: Comparison Reports with Unused Columns

All comparison style reports like the P&L and Balance Sheet Comparison that show Business Units or Organisations as columns, now handle unused columns in the same improved manner. Previously the unused columns would display zeros and in many cases even a header with Actuals or Budgets. Now all these unused columns contain no data or headers so it's very clear they are intentionally empty.

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