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Change Log 2022-04-28

New Cashflow Forecast Comparison report and improved FX handling for Retained Earnings.

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New: Cashflow Forecast Comparison Report

This new Cashflow Forecast report displays a column for each entity in a consolidated group across any chosen date range. This will be particularly handy when troubleshooting a consolidated cashflow by allowing you to view each entity separately in the one report.

Improved: FX handling for Retained Earnings

When consolidating multiple entities and applying currency conversions Retained Earnings will now be calculated using the prior year end closing exchange rate. This means the balance sheet will report Retained Earnings at the same value throughout the reporting year. Any discrepancies that arise from the year end and current exchange rates used will be reported as a Currency Translation Difference.

Improved: Using Actuals Criterias to More Charts

We've continued our project to add Using Actuals to all reports and charts. In this release the following reports and charts along with all their variants have been added.

  • Cashflow Forecast Chart

  • Cashflow Scenarios Chart

Fix: Import Budgets Stuck on Verifying Step

When importing budgets some users reported that the process would get stuck on the verifying step and never complete. Also, we have learned that this problem affected the Sync Now process and there have been cases where the sync process does not complete, both were due to a loss of connection.

To resolve this, reconnection logic has been implemented, and therefore the Import Budgets and Sync Now processes should be more robust.

Please report any feedback on this fix via the in app chat or email to:

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