Change Log 2022-02-23

Group and Organise Report Bundles plus other minor improvements and fixes.

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New: Group and Organise Report Bundles

Reports bundles can now be grouped in a folder like structure where you sort alphabetically or optionally have a custom order. The aim here is to make it easier for you to manage long lists of bundles. Perhaps you'll want a folder for each user, client, target audience or even a folder to archive old bundles without deleting them. Check out the help article for more details.

New: Average Calculation Type for Metrics

Metrics now have an Average calculation type. When used in a KPI formula that is calculated over a date range the average of the Metric values will be used in the KPI formula.

Improved: Drag & Drop between KPI Formula Groups

Last week we added Grouping and Ordering to KPI Formulas, but to move a formula to another group required editing the properties. Now you can simply drag and drop from one group to another in the same way you can drag and drop the order of KPIs with a group.

Improved: Document Editor

The document editor in Report Bundles has now been upgraded. You'll find it has a simpler user interface for ease of use and loads documents in a snap compared to the old editor.

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