Change Log 2022-02-16

Group and order KPIs plus new multi-period report templates and more.

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New: KPI Features & Improvements

Group & Order KPIs

We've updated KPIs to include categories for grouping and a custom order for the KPIs within these categories. Ultimately providing a mechanism for you to group and order KPIs on your reports.

Use other KPIs in your Formulas

For those of you doing more complex formulas that might rely on other KPIs you can now use other KPIs directly in your formula. For example in our 7 Important KPIs for Cash Management article we suggest a Cash Conversion Cycle KPI, which is calculated as Inventory Days + Debtor Days – Creditor Days. Each component of that formula is another KPI and that's exactly how you can now build this type of KPI.

Rename Components without Breaking KPI formulas

The components or variables used in KPI formulas used to be text based which meant if you renamed an Account Group or Metric then a KPI formula that referenced this name would break. It's now safe to rename Account Groups and Metrics as the KPI formulas reference these components directly rather then by name.

Note: πŸ’¬ to support this change we've now made metrics common across a workspace and therefore renaming a metric in one company will rename it in other companies within the same workspace.

More Improvements Coming Soon

In our next release we'll be adding type with auto-complete formula building and new component visualisations to distinguish between Account Groups, Metrics & other KPIs in your formula.

Improved: New Multi-Period Reports for Consistency

We're continuing to update the available multi-period templates so each report type has the same multi-period variants from 12 months to 10 years. In this release we've updated the following reports.

  • P&L with Projected Total vs Budget

  • Actual & Budget

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