Capture Chrome Browser Logs

How to capture network or console logs when requested by Calxa support.

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If you're experiencing issues using certain Calxa features, the Calxa support team may ask you to capture certain logs from your browser. This article describes the types of logs and how to capture and save them if requested by the Calxa support team.

Network Logs

  1. Click the 3 dots menu in the top right corner to open your Chrome browser to open the options menu.

  2. Select More tools -> Developer tools.

  3. Select the Network tab and ensure Preserve logs is checked.

  4. Now reproduce the problem you're experiencing. You'll see data being collected in the output window.

  5. Right click in the output window and select Save all as HAR with content.

  6. Save this file and then send it to Calxa support via the channel you're currently communicating.

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