Change Log 2021-12-2

Using Actuals filters added to more reports plus fixes and improvements.

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New: 'Using Actuals up to' has been added to more Reports

The Cashflow Statement (Indirect) and Balance Sheet with Prior Period now have a 'Using Actuals up to' criteria option which allows you to use these reports on Actuals, Budget or Forecast figures.

Improved: Queuing of Sync Now Requests

We've improved the behaviour for syncing an organisation with the Sync Now button. Previously at certain times of the day it was possible for these tasks to be queued while waiting for other non urgent automated tasks to be completed. We've improved the logic so that Sync Now requests are treated with priority over scheduled or automated tasks.

Fix: Reports Not Completed

We identified a case where report bundles or individual reports run from the bundle screen were not being delivered and presented to users. In this case the user would just see the processing animation but never actually receive the completed report. This issues has now been resolved.

Fix: Applying a Very Large Budget Formula

When applying a very large budget formula such as a formula added to hundreds of accounts that references hundreds of business units it was possible for this fail on save. This issues has been resolved.

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