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Change Log 2021-09-22

P&L Comparison with Actuals, Budgets or Forecast

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Written by Shem Bogusz
Updated over a week ago

Improved: P&L Comparison with Using actuals criteria

This report has now replaced the Business Unit Comparison and allows comparison between either Business Units or Organisations which are in a Consolidated group and pairs with the new Balance Sheet Comparison.

The new "Using actuals up to" criteria has been added to the P&L Comparison reports. This means you can now compare business units displaying Actuals, Budgets or Forecast values.

  • To display Actuals set the Period Range and leave using actuals up to ‘Blank’

  • To display Budgets set the Period Range and set using actuals up to prior to From date (eg FY Start -1).

  • To display Forecast, set the using actuals up to as a date within the Period range, to use a combination of actuals and budgets.

Fix: KPI Percentage Variance Formatting

There were a number of report templates that incorrectly applied the KPI number formatting to percentage variances. We've fixed these so all KPI percentage variances are correctly formatted as percentages.

Fix: Budget Analysis Balance Sheet Movement Calculation

We identified an issue where the budgeted balance sheet movements were incorrectly calculated in the Budget Analysis with % Variance report. The incorrect amounts were isolated to balance sheet accounts and where the date range of the report crossed a financial year end. This issues has now been fixed.

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