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Change Log 2021-08-05

Multi-Org consolidations with different financial year ends, plus other improvements and fixes.

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New: Reporting Year End to Multi-Org Consolidations

We've added a new Reporting Year End property to Organisation Groups. This allows you to consolidate multiple organisations with different year ends. The resulting reports will adjust Current and Retained Earnings according to the reporting year end as apposed to the individual company's financial years.

New: Trial Sign Up from Xero Marketplace

Xero users can now sign up for a trial, directly from the Xero Marketplace using their Xero credentials and skipping registering separate Calxa credentials. We've got a similar feature coming soon for QuickBooks users from the Intuit Marketplace.

Improved: Select First or Default Report Template

You can now select the first or default template from the dropdown in the template selection step of the Report Builder. You can now select the template title as well as anywhere on the tile to run a report that does not have any variant templates to choose. Improved: Scroll Bar on KPI Formulas

Added scroll bar to the Formula field in the KPI Builder, to improve the editing experience on complex formulas with more then 4 rows.

Improved: Workspace Selection Menu

The primary mode for switching workspaces is via the Workspace list under your User Profile menu in the upper right corner of the application. For power users with access to multiple subscriptions it isn't always obvious which subscription each workspace belongs to, so we've added a tooltip with the subscription name as you hover over the workspace name in this list.

Fix: Exchange Rate Overrides

Some users identified an issue where custom exchange rates for future periods where changing as the daily rates were updating. This was because Calxa saves all exchange rates as a relationship to USD, but you edit them against any Base Currency. As the daily rates update it changes the relationship between USD and your workspace Base Currency and therefore the stored rate is no longer valid. We've fixed this logic so we now also override the USD to Base Currency exchange rate. Now all future overrides remain consistent regardless of the actual rate changes.

Fix: Internal Server Error on Reports

We've been aware of an issue which resulted in users getting an Internal Server Error displayed when running reports. This was due to a memory consumption issue (Memory Leak) with the 3rd party component we use for reporting. This has been an issue for a few months now but we've been monitoring and resolving with manual intervention. Unfortunately some of you will have still seen this error message, however we've now published a permanent fix so such issues should no longer occur. We'll continue to monitor to ensure we've permanently resolved this problem.

Fix: Incorrect Budget Version Label Shown on Multi-Org Group

When using a 2 budget version report with an Organisation Group the incorrect budget version name was shown for the Alternate or Approved Budget Version in meta-data of the report criteria. This issue has been resolved.

Fix: Update Organisation Capacity When Copying

Previously when you copied an Organisation in the Admin Portal, the Organisation Capacity details displayed in this menu did not immediately update. This issue has been resolved.

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