Change Log 2021-07-15

Now syncing balance sheet amounts by business unit plus improved add organisation process.

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New: Sync Balance Sheet Amounts by Business Unit

You can now optionally sync balance sheet amounts for each business unit in Xero and QuickBooks organisations. Previously only the P&L was synced for each business unit. Since this requires additional sync time it is optional. To turn this extra sync on see Business Unit Configuration.

Improved: Add Organisation Logic

We've implemented a number of changes for an improved experience when adding new organisations in Calxa.

Rapid Sync for Xero

Normally Xero limits the number of requests Calxa can make in specific time period however Xero have now dropped these limits for 30 minutes the first time Calxa connects to an organisation. We've implemented logic to take full advantage of this so Xero companies should now import quicker.

Progress Indicators

You'll now see additional progress details highlighting the step currently processing and the total number of steps required. For example you'll see notation like "Step 3/5 Organisation Actuals" so you can clearly see it's processing the 3rd step of 5 total.

Email Notification on Completion

If the initial import is taking time you don't have to sit watching progress bars. Simply browse away and work on other things. In this case Calxa will send you an email when the import is complete with a link to come back and submit the final organisation preferences.

Fix: Out of Balance Forecast caused by GST on Wages Accounts

Previously when preparing a Balance Sheet Forecast if you had a GST tax code associated with a Wage Expense account this would cause an discrepancy in the balance sheet. We've improved the calculation logic to ignore the tax code when an account is nominated as Wages Expense.

Fix: Save Account Tree with Duplicated Running Totals

Account Trees cannot have Category Number-Name combos or Running Totals with the same details. Now when you attempt to save with this issue Calxa will advise of the error where previously it would just not save.

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