Change Log 2021-06-23

New Business Unit Combinations and Bundle Kit improvements.

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New: Business Unit Combinations

Business Unit Combinations allow you to sync the intersection of 2 different Business Units and therefore budget and report on this extra level of detail. As an example, let's assume you have a 2 categories with a list of Regions and Services. Combinations will allow you to define the relationships between Regions and Services and then we'll sync the actual data from Xero or QuickBooks. All the usual budgeting and reporting functionality is then provided for this special type of business unit. See Business Unit Configuration for setup details.

New: Account Trees and Consolidations for Bundle Kits

You can now use consolidated groups when creating Report Bundles from pre-defined kits or for single organisation reporting you can also choose an Account Tree. For help check out the Create a Bundle help article.

Fix: Issues with Save on Account Tree

We've fixed the following 2 cases when saving an Account Tree.

  • 2 Categories with the same Number and Name. Now provides error on save.

  • Detail Account and Header Account with the same Number and Name. It's now OK to have this configuration and saves successfully.

Fix: Merging Account Tree Categories in Consolidated Group

When merging an Account Tree Category with the same name and number from 2 different organisations it's important that the Account Types for these categories are the same or compatible. We identified an issue where values could be missing from reports if the Account Types were not compatible. We've fixed this logic so now the reports will show an error and highlight the problem category in your tree.

Fix: Filters on Budgets & Actuals

Under certain conditions when using custom Account Trees in the Budgets & Actuals a category of accounts were incorrectly omitted from the view. This has been fixed.

Fix: Business Income & Expense Summary

We identified and fixed an issue with the formatting of the YTD period range heading on this report.

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