Change Log 2021-06-06

New help centre and in app messenger.

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New: In App Messenger

We've migrated our old email/ticket based support system to an in app messenger. Contact the support team and receive replies directly in the application. You'll still receive an email if you're no longer signed in and likewise if you are signed in you'll receive the reply as an in app message. You can still start and continue these conversations as emails using

New: Help Centre Articles

As a result of the in app messenger change you'll note a small change to our help articles. You'll find all the same great content on the same however you will note some small changes in the appearance. This new format allows you to find the same help content directly in the messenger.

Note: please be aware that old bookmarks or links you may have saved will no longer work. Use the search option to find the articles by title and update your bookmarks or saved links.

Fix: Remembering Filters on Budgets & Actuals

We identified an issue where the select Account filters are not being remembered after switching organisations within a workspace. This issue has been fixed.

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