Change Log 03-11-2017
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DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Run your existing Report Bundles in Calxa Online

Big news today, we’re starting a public change log for our online browser app, so you’re always up to date with our feature updates, improvements and fixes. Here are the latest exciting changes to Calxa Online.

New: Generate Existing Report Bundles

The “Reports” menu is now open for business. We’re starting with the ability to run or generate your existing bundles. These are the ones you created in the desktop app.

New: Create New Bundle from Kit

You can also create a new Bundle in the online app by using one of our existing Bundle Kits. Currently these kits use the legacy desktop report templates, but our next release will include our new report template designs. The ability to edit bundles online is next in the pipeline.

New: User Invite

With Calxa online you’ll be able to invite three types of users. Subscription Co-Owners, Workspace Users, and a Free Advisor User type will be coming soon. In this initial release, we’ve implemented the User Invite process but haven’t quite finished the User Permissions part of the process. The good news is, this means you can start inviting Subscription Co-Owners as they don’t require permissions. They will naturally have full access. We’re working on the permissions side and that will be available in the coming weeks.

New: Summary of Releases to Date

Since this is the first entry for our change log here’s a quick summary of what’s already been implemented.

  • Dashboards

    • Currently single dashboard for each organisation.

    • Customisable dashboards will follow the completion of existing desktop features to online

  • Automation & Workflows

    • Create, edit, schedule, trigger and view history of workflows.

  • Admin Portal

    • Manage Workspaces

    • Manage and add Organisations

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