Change Log 26-06-2018
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Ability to edit the total budget column and a few additional budget editor improvements.

This release represents the start of a planned series of minor improvements to the budget editor.

New: Edit Total Budget

The total column in the Budgets & Actuals screen is now editable. This total may be an Annual budget or some other range dependant on the date selection chosen. When editing the total Calxa will split the values proportionally between the months shown in the current view. Proportionally may be equally in some cases but it is smarter than that if budget data already exists in the account row. In the case where data already exists it will allocate the total value according to the existing monthly proportions, thus retaining any seasonality in your budgets.

Improved: Header Account Totals

In the Budgets & Actuals screen, all header accounts are now followed by an indented list of sub accounts and a total row follows this detail. When you collapse a header account in the view the total is then shown as a single row with an indicator showing how many sub accounts make up the summary row shown. All custom sub totals such as Net Profit and Net Assets are also now shown in this screen.

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