Change Log 11-11-2018
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New Actuals view as prerequisite to Metrics editor and improved error handling on add organisation flows.

New: Actuals View

In the Budgets & Actuals screen there is now an option to choose Actuals which then shows your actual values instead of budgets. This view is Read Only for your account values as they are linked to your accounting system, however this view is a prerequisite to our Metrics editor where actuals and budgets will both require editing.

Improved: Error handling on Add Organisation flows

If an error occurred during an Organisation import via the trial sign up or Add Organisation flow from the admin screen Calxa would often fail silently. Users were therefore unaware that an error had occurred. Now when errors occur on this process a popup error notification is displayed.

Fix: KPI Account Group Calculation

When calculating account groups Calxa uses positive values for the normal balance of each account type. So a group of Expenses is positive and a group of Income is also positive. When combining accounts from different account types Calxa then uses conditional logic such that groups like Net Profit treat Income as positive and Expense as negative. Also when Assets and Liabilities are combined Calxa treats the Asset as a positive and Liability as negative. Recently we identified an issue in this logic when applied to Account groups that combine P&L and Balance Sheet accounts. A specific example would be to combine Assets and Expenses in the Creditor Expenses group. These are both normal Debit balances but our previous logic incorrectly treated the Expense as a negative just like it is treats it when combined with other P&L account types. We've improved the logic here such that the sign switching logic only comes into play when combining accounts of different normal balance types (e.g. Credit or Debit).

Continued: Report Template Styles & Text Wrapping

Calxa Online has 120 individual report templates and the ability to customise them further. Now that they're being used with real world data we're seeing some style issues like numbers wrapping and minor inconsistencies in style. We've started a project to review all default templates fixing these style inconsistencies, wrapping issues and also providing a concept of cascading styles. Cascading styles means you can now edit a report template in our Custom Report Designer and simply customise the styles to make broad sweeping changes to the overall look and feel, including colours, fonts, borders etc. See Customise Reports for help with the Report Designer.

Templates Reviewed this Release

  • Balance Sheet with Projected Total vs Budget (12 Months)

    • 4 Quarters

    • 24 Months

    • 5 years

    • 10 years

  • Balance Sheet Revised vs Approved (12 Months)

  • P&L with Projected Total (12 Months)

    • 4 Quarters

    • 24 Months

    • 5 Years

    • 10 Years

  • P&L with Projected Total vs Budget (12 Months)

    • 4 Quarters

  • P&L Revised vs Approved (12 Months)

  • P&L Reforecast Unspent to Meet Budget

  • P&L vs Last Year Actual/Forecast (12 Months)

    • vs Last Year Budget

Overall Progress

  • 27 / 120

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