Change Log 2019-04-03
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Improved Business Unit selection added to the Settings menu, plus reporting improvements and fixes.

Improved: Business Unit Selection

We've taken the Business Unit selection that was only available as a pop-up in the report criteria and added this under the Settings menu. The first benefit of working on business unit selection as part of this new menu is the larger work area, making it easier to navigate and select from long business units lists.

Based on customer feedback we've also worked to improve some of the user experience pain points in this screen. You can now name a selection as you create it. The rename process has also been improved to remove the whole screen refresh.

Lastly, inactive business units are hidden by default with an option to show them if required. For help with this screen see the Business Units help article.

Improved: Detail Consolidated Order

When running business unit reports including both the consolidation and the detailed business units data, we previously showed the consolidation first. This now differs by report with the following logic applied.

Reports that show detail like a full P&L for each business unit with a page break will show the Consolidated report first. The thought here is that users can review the consolidated report first then decide what detailed reports require reviewing.

If the report is more of a summary report where a business unit is represented as a row rather than a full page per business unit the consolidation comes at the end after the detail rows. In these business unit summary reports the consolidation is more like a total row, so it makes sense for the total to come after the rows it is totalling.

Improved: Metadata display on Bundles

Under the Bundles menu, when you display the list of included items in a bundle there is some metadata included for each report. This metadata shows what Organisation, Budget Version and Account Tree is saved in the criteria. We've improved this in a few ways. Multi-Org reports will now show the Multi-Org group name instead of a list of organisations, which previously caused overlapping issues if the list was long. The icons and terminology used for each property has also been adjusted to match the icons and terminology used in the report builder where the criteria is set.

Improved: MYOB Syncing Time

Last week we investigated an issue with MYOB API requests timing out. The primary cause was a degradation in the response time from MYOB but the incident did prompt us to review our own request logic. We found ways to improve the sync on company files with lots of Job or Category transactions. The exact time it takes to sync varies by company however companies that were taking the longest, like 20 minutes plus can expect the biggest improvements, up to 5 times faster.

Fix: Personal Drawings Financial Setting

The Personal Drawings selection under Financial Settings -> Equity & Bank was found to incorrectly set the Cashflow Type to none. The intended purpose of this selection is to determine the drawings amount shown on the Cashflow Canvas report, not to change the Cashflow Type. This has been fixed and nominating a personal drawings account does not affect the existing Cashflow Type.

Fix: Resubscribe After Cancellation

An issue was found in the billing portal where users could not resubscribe if they had previously cancelled a subscription. This issue has been fixed.

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