Change Log 2019-05-14
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Improved progress notifications on Report Bundle generation and Organisation Sync, plus invoices added to the billing portal.

New: View and Download Invoices

The new Invoices menu in the billing portal provides a list of your previous invoices with an option to download a PDF for your own records. You an also chose to pay any outstanding invoices from this screen.

Improved: Bundle Progress

Previously when you ran a bundle containing multiple reports we showed a single bubble animation indicating the bundle generation was in progress. We've improved this now to itemise the individual reports and show you which reports are complete or currently being generated. This gives you a better indication of the progress.

Improved: Organisation Sync Progress

When syncing an organisation we now lock the menus for the organisation that is currently syncing. The page will instead show a Sync in Progress message and indicate the current step that is in progress.

Improved: Bundle Kits Include Tax Flow Forecast

The Accountant Reports and Small Business Management Reports Bundle Kits have now been updated to include the new Tax Flow Forecast report.

Fix: Edit Bundle Item with Multi-Org Group

We identified an issue where a bundle item that was reporting on a Multi-Org group could not be edited. This issue has been resolved.

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