Change Log 2019-06-18
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Improved copy & paste and improved 3-Way Forecast Bundle Kit.

Improved: Cut, Copy & Paste Budgets

In a recent release we added Cut, Copy and Paste to the Budgets & Actuals screen. This functionality now supports copying and pasting to and from external sources like Excel or other tabular/spreadsheet data.

Improved: 3-Way Forecast Bundle Kit

The 3-Way Forecast Bundle Kit now includes visual charts as well as the detailed numbers reports.

Fix: Incorrect Invoice Amount in NDIA Claims

In the Invoice Export list of invoices under NDIA Claims the incorrect total amount was being displayed. This issue has been resolved.

Fix: Suppress Zeros on Balance Sheet Forecast 4 Years

We've fixed an issue where some equity accounts were not displayed on the report when the Show Zero Values option was turned off.

Fix: User Shown Multiple Times on Users Menu

In some cases on the User permissions screen a user could be displayed multiple times. This issue has bee fixed.

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