Change Log 2019-07-02
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More flexibility with multi-period KPI charts and better handing of incomplete actuals for all multi-period charts.

New: KPI Analysis Multi-Period Charts

The KPI Analysis (Multi-Period) Charts allow you to choose Monthly, Quarterly and Annually as the period and then choose the number of periods. This provides ultimate flexibility with any combination of periods now being available. For example you can now deliver a 6 months or 8 Quarters or 5 Years where previously we only had a 12 month option.

Improved: Better Handling of Actuals Periods in Charts

Charts that don't provide a set option to Use actuals up to a chosen period will now use actuals up to your Report Month only. This means you can now control incomplete months from appearing on your charts or future months from displaying as zeros on line charts for example.

Fix: Conditional Formatting Rule on KPI Variance

The Actual vs Budget and Last Year report template had an incorrect formatting rule applied to the month variance column in the KPI section of the report. This meant the variance could be incorrectly coloured red when a positive variance or black when a negative variance. This issues has been fixed.

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