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Change Log 2019-09-03
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Written by Mick Devine
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Better error handling with email notifications on workflows and budget builder improvements.

New: Error Notifications on Workflows

Workflows allow you to save time by automating tasks such as syncing your organisation data, however until now if a workflow failed, it failed silently and users were unaware of the fault. Now when a workflow error occurs we'll send an email to the Subscription Owner and Co-Owners advising of the error and required action to resolve this problem. For more details see - What to do if your Workflow Fails.

New: Paste Button on Budgets & Actuals

We recently added Cut, Copy and Paste behaviour to the budget builder but initially omitted a paste button. The paste button is now present along side the Cut & Copy buttons.

Fix: Label on NZ 2 Monthly Cashflow Schedule

Label on one of the NZ cashfow schedules was incorrect, missing Jul. This has been fixed and is now correctly shown as Jan Mar May Jul Sep Nov.

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