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Change Log 2019-11-15
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Maintenance release with minor fixes and improvements.

Improved: Page Breaks on Bundle Documents

When the content of your document spans more then one page we found that adding this to a bundle did not reliably add the page break and thus a single line of text may become split over 2 pages. We've improved this behaviour so that all page breaks occur between lines of your rich text content.

Fix: Sync with Xero Resets Some Sync Options

After completing a sync with Xero the "What years to Sync" option was resetting to "All Available". This is not the intended behaviour so now when set to "Current and Previous" for example it will remain as this option for all future syncs until changed by a user.

Fix: Ordering of Accounts in KPI Account Groups

The overall categories or account types in the KPI account groups menu were not sorted correctly by account number. This is now fixed.

Fix: Formatting Issue on Cashflow Statement

The Cashflow Statement has logic that hides level 1 categories unless you report at level 1 only. An issue was identified where level 1 categories were shown when the Show Zero values option was used in the report criteria.

Fix: Total Cash Outflows or Inflows Rows Missing

Some customers reported issues withe their Cashflow Forecast report no longer showing the Total Cash Inflows or Total Cash Outflows from Operations rows. This was only present in some cases but we've now identified and fixed this issue.

Fix: Current Year Earnings Calculation

When using a custom Account Tree with Cost of Sales or Expense category accounts moved to an Income category the Current Year Earnings rows was incorrectly calculated, causing a discrepancy in the balance sheet report. This issue has been fixed.

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