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Change Log 2019-12-17
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New filter options for budget editor and improved security for QuickBooks Online integration.

New: Filters on Budgets & Actuals Screen

Each user can now configure what accounts to display in the Budgets & Actuals menu. Select either entire Account Types or individual accounts to remove unused or unnecessary accounts from the view.

Improved: QuickBooks Integration with OAuth 2.0

QuickBooks upgraded their OAuth authentication from version 1.0 to 2.0. We've implemented this new logic and migrated the existing authentication tokens to version 2.0.

Improved: Handling of Year End Dates

Previously Calxa could only connect to companies where the year end date is also the end of a month. Since Calxa only reports on full months we need to set a year end as a whole month. now during organisation creation Calxa will interpret year end dates as the closest month end date. For example if you set a Year End Date as the 5th of May, Calxa will use April as the Last Month in the Financial Year. If you set the Year End Date as the 17th of May then Calxa will use May as the Last Month in the Financial Year.

Fix: Show Empty Rows Hides Negative Amounts

The Show empty rows option in the Budgets & Actuals screen incorrectly hid negative amounts for Balance Sheet accounts. This has been resolved.

Fix: Merged Cells on Export to Excel

We've fixed the following report templates for issues related to exporting to Excel.

  • Balance Sheet Multi-Org Comparison (12 & 24 Columns).

  • Business Unit Comparison (12 & 24 Columns)

  • Balance Sheet with Projected Total (12 Month, 24 Month, 5 Years & 10 years etc)

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