Change Log 2020-02-02
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New repeating amounts Budget Formula and improved business unit navigation in Budgets & Actuals menu.

New: Repeating Amounts Formula

We've added repeating amounts to One-Off budget calculations. With this you can now easily calculate daily, weekly or fortnightly repeating payments into your monthly budget amounts. For example use this to calculate fortnightly wages and Calxa will detect which months have a 3rd fortnightly payment.

New: Data Highlighting on Business Unit Budgets

Now when you open the sidebar navigation in the Budgets & Actuals menu you'll see green or grey dots indicating which Business Units contain budget data on the selected date range. This makes it much easier to identify where you've entered budgets.

New: Search & Bulk Actions in Sidebar Navigation

At the top of the sidebar navigation in the Budgets & Actuals menu (Business Unit navigation) there is now search and bulk action options. This allows you to Collapse All, Expand All, Hide Inactive, Show Inactive and search for specific Business Units.

New: Business Unit Categories Hidden when not Used

Now when you choose not to sync a specific Business Unit Category we'll remove this category from the Business Unit sidebar navigation, making it easier to find the categories you are using.

Improved: Error Message for Duplicate Rows

When importing budgets or actuals, if your spreadsheet contains duplicate rows we'll now identify all the rows where the duplications occur. This will make it easier to identify and resolve all all cases before attempting to import it again.

Improved: Export Single Month

Previoulsy when exporting a budget the date range selector allowed a minimum of

Fix: Search and Multi-Select on Budget Formula

Previously when searching for an account or metric in the Budget Formula dialog, this would clear any previous selections. This meant you couldn't use the search functionality to select more then one account. This has been fixed so search can now be used to add additional accounts to the formula.

Fix: Decimal Number in Budget Formula

Previously when entering a decimal number into a Budget Formula it would fail if you did not enter a number before the decimal. For example entering .5 instead of 0.5 would fail. We've improved this logic so now when entering .5 we'll update the value when you save so it is saved as 0.5 and then won't fail to calculate.

Fix: Import with Leading or Trailing Spaces in Columns

After our recent improvements to importing some users found that if their spreadsheet contained trailing or leading spaces in the column data, then the import would fail. We've improved this process to ignore such characters during import.

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