Change Log 2021-03-03
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Improved filters and Account Tree layout in Budgets & Actuals menu.

New: Account Tree Layout for Editing Budgets

Now when editing budgets in the Budgets & Actuals menu you can choose to display the chart of accounts as per your Account Tree layout. Select the Account Tree from the FILTER menu and the layout will display with the chosen tree's structure and running totals.

Improved: Filters Menu for Editing Budgets

In addition to adding the Account Tree layout to the filters menu as described above, we've added some bulk actions and improved the way we remember your preferences. Bulk Actions include options like Select All and the preferences you make here will be set for each organisation individually. Previously the settings were applied globally and this caused issues for users with multiple organisations.

Improved: Budgets & Actuals Date Range

Now when you change the date range in the Budgets & Actuals menu this will be remembered between sessions. So for those of you who change this to calendar year for example, it will now remember this setting instead of defaulting to financial year every time.

Fix: MYOB Sync on Prior Year Actuals

A recent change caused the MYOB Sync to remove actuals in prior years. This has been fixed. If you noticed this issue the actuals will return after the next sync.

Fix: Percentage Variance Calculation

When calculating a variance where your comparison or budget value was a negative we incorrectly showed the percentage variance as a negative. This has now been fixed so percentage variance will only be show as negative when it is an unfavourable variance.

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