Change Log 2021-04-19
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New quarterly and annual budget layouts plus new multi-period report variations for 3-Way Forecasting.

New: Quarterly & Annual Budget Layouts

When editing and viewing budgets in the Budgets & Actuals menu you can now choose layouts that displays Accounts or Metrics by Month, Quarter or Year. This means you can now display and edit quarterly or annual values. The underlying data will still be entered as monthly values but they will be apportioned according to the proportions of the existing monthly data. If there is no existing data they'll be split equally across the underlying monthly periods. Check out the Budget Views & Layouts help article for more details.

New: Show & Hide Empty Business Units

In the Budgets & Actuals sidebar navigation there are now 2 new options under Bulk Actions to Show or Hide empty. Hide empty will remove the Business Units from the navigations that do not contain budget values for the selected date range.

New: Multi-Period Report Variations

Across the range of 3-Way forecasting reports we have many variations in timing ranging from 12 months through 8 quarters to 10 years. Not all of these reports however had all the same options so in this release we've brought some consistency with the introduction of 8 new report templates and updated the 2 charts with flexible multi-period options.

The P&L with Projected Total, Balance Sheet Forecast and Cashflow Forecast all now have the following template variations.

  • 12 Months

  • 4 Quarters

  • 24 Months

  • 8 Quarters

  • 12 Quarters

  • 4 Years

  • 5 Years

  • 6 Years

  • 10 Years

The Cashflow Forecast Chart and Net Worth Chart now support flexible multi-period options where you can choose Monthly, Quarterly, Annually and the number of periods.

Fix: Issue with Workflows Duplicating Actions

We've identified and fixed an issue which caused workflow actions to trigger multiple times. This would cause false error emails to be sent to the subscription owners and co-owners. Most commonly with an error message that a sync failed but in fact the sync had not failed.

Fix: Paste Budgets & Metrics Caused Rounding

When pasting Account or Metric values from an external source we identified decimal values were being rounded to the nearest whole number. There were also some issues if numbers were formatted with commas as thousand separators but these issue have now been solved. You can now safely copy and paste decimal values with different number formatting (decimals formatted as a comma is not supported).

Fix: Account Tree with Dashes in Numbering

Adding dashes to Account Category or Header numbering causes issues with saving and inconsistent sorting results. We've resolved this issue so you can safely use dashes if required in your tree structure.

Fix: QuickBooks France EOFY Closing

When integrating with French QuickBooks companies we did not correctly identify journals resulting from end of year closing which caused balance sheet values to duplicate in the first period of the financial year. We've solved this problem by excluding journals with the 'ANI' journal code.

Fix: Updating PDF and Document Names

Now when you edit a PDF or Document name in a Report Bundle then name change is reflected in the bundle list immediately. Previously it was not reflected until you refreshed the page.

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