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If you have more than one subscription there may be cases where you need to move or transfer your workspace from one subscription to another. In this help note we look at how to move a Workspace to another subscription.

Note: to perform these steps you must be an Owner or a Co-Owner on both subscriptions.

Navigate to Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Manage Organisations

This will open the Admin screen in a new browser tab

  1. Select the Subscription that contains the workspace you want to transfer from the drop-down.

2. Click the ellipsis menu to the right of the workspace you want to transfer and select Transfer Workspace.

3. Select the Subscription to which you want to transfer this workspace and click Transfer.

Transfer workspace dialog

Note: Only current subscriptions will be shown. You therefore cannot transfer a workspace to an expired subscription. You can, however, transfer a workspace from an expired subscription to an current one.

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