In this help note we'll show you how to make a copy of an Organisation in Calxa. In his process you can copy the organisation either to the same workspace or another workspace. 

Note 1: copying an organisation does not include KPI Formulas or Report Bundles. Both of these features and settings are not part of an organisation but rather features that can be used with an organisation and are saved as part of a workspace.

Note 2: only a subscription Owner and Co-Owner can copy an organisation and this process will consume 1 organisation from your subscription capacity. 

Tip: copy your unplugged or manual organisations to save time with setting up additional companies in your group. 

Tip: copy your organisation to make a backup before making big changes.

  1. Navigate to:
    Reports -> Report Tools -> Manage Organisations 
    Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Manage Organisations

  2. This will open the Admin->Organisations menu in a new window

  3. Click the 3 dots menu next to the company you would like to copy and select Copy Organisation

    Copy organisation
  4. Select the destination Workspace(s) and Organisation name then click Copy

    Note: you can select multiple workspaces to copy to multiple location or the current workspace to create a copy in the same workspace.