Unlike integrated organisations where the actuals are imported or synced from your accounting data, if you have a manual organisation you will need to update your actuals in Calxa or import them from Excel. In this article we look at importing your actuals from Excel or CSV formats. See Enter Actuals for Manual Organisation for details on entering your actuals directly in Calxa. 

If your organisation is linked to MYOB, Xero or QuickBooks you just need to sync your accounting data into Calxa.


Required Format

Calxa provides the ability to import Actuals for manually created organisations from CSV or Excel files. The easiest way to get the required format for these files is to export some data first. This way you have the required format already setup and you can simply add your Actual or Budget data to that format ready for importing.    


  1. Navigate to Budgets & Cashflow -> Budget Tools -> Export
  2. Select your organisation from the Selected organisation dropdown

  3. Select the Data source 
    1. Actuals or a budget version you would like to export

    2. Choose either Organisation or Business Units.

      See Enter Actuals for Manual Organisation & Organisation Budget (Consolidation Setting) if you don't already know what level you will need to enter your actuals.

      Data source to export
  4. Set the remaining options and click EXPORT BUDGET

    Export options

Import Actuals

Ensure you have a correctly formatted CSV or Excel file ready for import then follow the steps below. 

This article only applies to manually created organisations. The import destination of Actuals will not be visible if your organisation is connected to an accounting system.  

  1. Navigate to Budgets & Cashflow -> Budget Tools -> Import

  2. Select your organisation from the Selected organisation dropdown

    Import actuals

  3. Browse for the file to import

  4. Set the Destination as Actuals and if the file is an Excel workbook select the Sheet you want to import and click IMPORT

    Import actuals

Errors and Troubleshooting

If the file format is incorrect or there is no match found on Business Units or Accounts then the import may fail with a list of errors.  Importing Actuals uses the same process as importing budgets so please see Import Budgets - File Formatting and Error Reporting for details on this.