If you consolidate multiple organisations and have a requirement to eliminate intercompany transactions then this can be achieved in Calxa using Account Trees and a a Summary Only Header account. 

  1. First you will want a Common Account Tree setup for all organisations in the group.

  2. Now create a header account and make sure the Summary only option is toggled on. This ensures accounts allocated to this group will only be displayed as a single row on reports.

    Other properties like name and the category location are a personal preference. If there is a discrepancy in the elimination amounts this row will show up on the reports with the name and in the category location that you specify here.
     Summary Only
  3. For each organisation make sure the detail accounts used for intercompany transactions are allocated to this same header account.

  4. Now when running consolidation reports using this Account Tree you'll find that all the accounts allocated to this header will be summarised into a single row on the reports. If they sum or consolidate to a zero value then the report criteria can hide zero rows all together.

    Show zero values