A common practice near the end of the financial year is to compare your budgets for next year against your actuals from this year.  If this year has not finished yet then you may want to compare against an end of year forecast.  calxa has the perfect report to do this.  The trick is to start the report at the beginning of next year and use actuals up to your current actuals date. Calxa will forecast the remaining months in the current year and compare this to the next 12 months Budgets.

Next Year's Budget vs This Year's Actuals/Forecast

If you'd like to print a report that includes Next Year's Budget by month versus This Year's Actuals or Forecast, you can use the P&L vs Last Year Actual/Forecast (12 Months) report template.

When you use this report, you should set your Report month to a month within the current financial year.

If you'd like to include YTD actuals in your report, set the Report Month to the last full month of actuals you have available.

In the Period selection, set the report to begin at FY Start 13. This will give you a 12-month budget report beginning from the start of the next financial year.

To include actuals YTD, put a tick in the Using actuals up to tickbox, then select to use actuals up to Relative 0. This will include actuals up to the report month you have set.

If you'd prefer to instead compare against this year's budget, untick the Using actuals up to box.

Note: To compare budget figures for different years, the budget figures for both this year and next year need to be populated within the same budget version in order to use this report. Use the Budget Factory to copy a year from one budget version to another if needed.

The column for last year is titled Last Year Forecast. If needed, you can customise the template to change this to Last Year Actual.

Balance Sheet

To print a Balance Sheet budget,  use the Balance Sheet with Projected Total vs Budget report template. Various other period range options are available, similar to the P&L report.