Account Trees in Calxa Premier provide a truly flexible structure for mapping your chart of accounts from your accounting system to suit many different reporting requirements. You can regroup, rearrange and summarise your accounts, plus restructure the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet layouts.

In this help article we look specifically at Categories & Running Totals but we have the following related articles about Account Trees. 

Header Accounts

Within the top level structure of Categories and Running Totals you can create a hierarchy of Header Accounts for grouping and summarising the Detail Accounts from your accounting system. For example within your Assets Category on your balance sheet you might create headers for Current Assets and Non-Current Assets, then below Current Assets you might want to add Cash, Accounts Receivable and Inventory. You can continue this hierarchy mapping to a depth of 10. 

Add Header

  1. To add a new Header click the Add Header button
    Add Header
  2. Populate the following header properties and click Add Header.
    1. Header number: this is the primary means of sorting headers. You can use numbers or letters and the header accounts will be sorted alphanumerically by this field.
    2. Summary only: toggle this option on to summarise all the allocated accounts to one row in reports. When toggled off the detail accounts are also shown in reports.  
    3. Header name: the name of the header account which will be shown in reports. This is also the secondary sort field if no numbers or duplicate numbers are provided. 
    4. Category: determines which category you will add the new header to. You can drag and drop this header to any location after that.

      Add Header Dialog

Edit Header

  1. First you may need to expand the category that contains the header.
    Expand category
  2. Now click the settings cog of the header you would like to edit.
    Header settings icon
  3. Edit the properties and click Apply. See details on the available properties in Add Header above.
    Header dialog

  4. Using your mouse you can drag and drop header accounts onto another header to create a parent-child relationship. In the example below we drag the Cash header account onto the Current Assets header account to group Cash below Current Assets.
    Drag and drop header
  5. Now click the plus sign to next to the header to show its sub accounts.
    Header and sub header accounts

  6. Repeat this process until you have the required structure.
    Assets with sub headers

Detail Accounts

Detail accounts are the individual accounts synced from your accounting system. You will need to map these accounts to the new structure you've created in Calxa. 

  1. Using your mouse you can drag and drop detail accounts onto the Header or Category to create a parent-child relationship. These accounts may be in the Unallocated accounts column on the left or you can move accounts within this structure on the Allocated accounts column also.
    Drag and drop unallocated accounts
    Drag and drop allocated accounts

  2. Repeat this process until you have the required structure. Make sure to Save Changes. 
    Save All Changes