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Workflows allow you to save time by automating tasks such as syncing the organisation data from your accounting system and generating and delivering report bundles. 

The video below shows you how to view workflow activity and history. Written instructions are also included.

To view activity on a workflow, click on Automation in the main menus.

  1. To see recent activity on a workflow you have selected at left;
  2. Click on the ellipsis on the right side of the workflow name;
  3. Select View Recent Activity. It will show activity from the current day and can be refreshed to show activity from the last week, the last month or all by selecting the period in the from drop-down.

In the example below, the workflow listed ran successfully today and is currently running again. When a workflow fails you will see a red failed tag. See What to do if your Workflow Fails for tips on how to resolve this issue.

To view activity on all your workflows at once, click on the Workflow Activity menu at left.

  1. Ensure the Displaying drop-down shows All Workflows.
  2. Select the time period you'd like to view using the from drop-down.

Click the Refresh button to display the activity.

For further information on workflows, please see Create a Workflow, Edit Workflow Actions and Properties, and What to do if your Workflow Fails.