This help note has been written for former Calxa legacy desktop client users who have moved their Calxa data online and started using Calxa's online browser-based app. It contains links for more detailed support materials on the topics listed below.

In the video we provide an overview of where to find all your favourite features and reports in the online app. Tips to help ensure an easy transition for you are also included, along with handy links to other support materials.

Update your Org (Sync) and/or Reconnect to Accounting File


Refer to this cross-reference document to find the new online template names for all your favourite reports from the desktop.

  • All of the desktop report types have been retained in the online app, but have been renamed in an effort to make the names more descriptive of the content.

    • Use the handy search bar in the Report Builder to find the report you need.

  • To Consolidate Multiple Organisations, you now set up what's called an organisation group only once - then the group can be used for all your reports.

  • Business Unit reporting works in a similar way to the desktop but has an interface that is simpler to navigate.

  • See the Dashboard article for details on the charts contained here.


The bundles you created in the desktop client can be run in the online app using the instructions in Run a Bundle.

  • Note you won't be able to edit desktop bundle report criteria in the online app, so you will eventually want to recreate your bundles in the app. The video above talks about this further.

  • See Bundles section for all support materials.

  • Custom templates templates created in the desktop cannot be transitioned to the online app, and will need to be recreated there. See the Designer section of the Help Centre for details.

  • You can publish reports at a point in time in the app - refer to Published Reports for instructions.


All support materials on Budgeting can be found here. Note you don't need to save your budget entries - everything you enter is saved automatically. Budgets sit under the My Workspace menu.

  • See Edit Budgets to find out how to open and edit a business unit budget (i.e. jobs, tracking categories, classes, projects, departments).
    • When budgeting at the business unit level, you must set your Organisation Budget Consolidation Setting. This replaces the Budget Source option that you previously selected in the Report Criteria and on the Dashboard in the desktop client.
  • How to find the Budget Factory.
  • Where to go to Import a Budget from a spreadsheet.
  • The Manage Budgets screen is where you will go to lock/unlock budgets, create, copy and delete budget versions and set your main budget version.

Account Trees

See this video for a demonstration of how to create and edit account trees in the online app. Access Account Trees via My Workspace.

Cashflow Forecasting

Create a 3-Way Forecast provides a high-level overview of the process. 

  • Access this via the My Workspace menu along the top.
  • Most all of the account and schedule nominations that used to be made in Default Accounts in the desktop client are now made via the Financial Settings screens in the online app.
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable nominations, Creditor & Debtor Days count overrides, and detailed Cashflow Settings and schedules are found on the Cashflow Forecast screen.
  • Cashflow Statement account nominations are made via the Cashflow Statement screen.

Automate your Reports

See this help note for instructions showing how to set up a workflow that syncs your organisation data, runs your report bundles, and email it out to a distribution list on a schedule you set.

KPIs and Metrics

Account groups, KPIs and Metrics are all accessed via the My Workspace menu along the top of the app. See the KPIs section of the Help Centre for support materials.

How to get Help

There is a handy Help widget at the bottom right of every screen in the app, you can use this to search the Help Centre and submit support requests. To go to the Help Centre, click on the Help & Support link in light grey at the bottom left of every screen.


The Admin screen is where a data owner or co-owner of a subscription can go to add a workspace, add or delete an organisation, invite users, delete users and set their permissions.

The Billing screen can be accessed by the subscription payer. Payers can purchase or upgrade/downgrade a subscription, update payment details, view invoices and cancel a subscription from here.

Both screens can be accessed by clicking on your name at the top right of the Calxa screen and selecting the required option from the drop-down menu. 

You can also switch to another workspace via this drop-down by selecting it from the list, as well as Update your Profile by clicking on the cog to the right of your name. In the profile you can change your password, change the email you sign in with and update your name and address.