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The invoices menu lists all your outstanding and historical invoices. From this screen you can download a PDF of the invoices and pay your unpaid invoices if required. 


  1. List Invoices
  2. Search Invoices
  3. Download Invoice
  4. Pay Invoice

List Invoices

  1. In the top ribbon of Calxa click on the ellipsis on the far right and select Billing.

  2. From the left navigation select Invoices.

    Invoices menu

  3. Invoices will now be listed with Unpaid invoices shown first. All other invoices will be sorted by Date.  

Search Invoices

You can search all available invoices based on the Invoice Number, Amount or the Date text.  

  1. Enter your search text into the Find an invoice field.

    Find an invoice search field

  2. Only invoices that match the search parameter will be displayed.  

    Wildcard search

Download Invoice

  1. To download a PDF of an Invoice click the Download button in line with the invoice you require.

    Download invoice

  2. Each internet browser's download behaviour may be different, but this triggers the standard download behaviour of your browser.

Pay Invoice

Calxa will automatically attempt payment on invoices on their due date so paying an invoice is not required unless you have had previous payment issues.

You may need to pay an invoice if you'd like to pay earlier than the due date or you've just updated your payment details.

  1. To pay an Invoice click Pay Now.

    Pay Invoice Now

  2. Choose to pay with the existing payment method or update your payment method.
    1. To use your saved card or direct debit details select Use my existing payment method and click Submit.

      Use existing payment method

    2. To add a new card or setup a new direct debit select I want to update my payment method.

      Choose Direct Debit or Credit Card and click Submit.

      Update payment method
      Note: Direct Debit is only available in Australia.

    3. Complete the Direct Debit or Credit Card payment form and click Submit.

  3. Once payment is complete you'll see this success message.

    Invoice payment captured.