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Calxa allows you to report on business units (i.e. jobs, tracking categories, cost centres, programs). You can display a detailed business unit view, a consolidated view, or both depending on the level of reporting you want.

To report on business units you will create and save business unit groups in Calxa. These business unit groups are called business unit selections in Calxa, and they can be used to report on either a single business unit or a group of business units.

The video and help note below will show you how to navigate to the Business Units settings screen. It then links you to the Report on Business Units article containing instructions on how to create business unit groups to use in your reporting.

To navigate to the Business Unit settings screen, click on My Workspace, then Settings.

Next select Business Units from the menu at left.

Below is a example of how the Business Unit screen appears. 

This example is from an accounting system that supports a hierarchical business unit structure such as MYOB or QuickBooks Online. Note Xero users will see a flat list of business units with no headers.

Please now refer to the Report on Business Units (Please skip to step 3), help note for detailed instructions on how to create and edit a saved business selection.

This article also explains how to run reports using your saved business unit selections.

Note business unit selections can also be created via the report Builder screen, however the window you have to work with there is much smaller.