Calxa allows you to report on business units (i.e. jobs, tracking categories, cost centres, programs). You can display a detailed business unit view, a consolidated view, or both depending on the level of reporting you want.

The video and help note below will show you how to create, edit and save Business Unit selections, that you will then use to Report on Business Units


New Business Unit Selection

  1. Navigate to Reports -> Report Tools -> Business Unit Selection.
  2. Select your organisation from the Selected organisation dropdown.

    Business Unit Selection menu

  3. Click on New Selection in the saved selection pane, provide a selection name and click NEW SELECTION.

    New selection

Edit Business Unit Selection

  1. From the Saved selections list, choose the selection you wish to edit

    Select Saved selection

  2. Select which of the Business Unit categories to display.

    Business Unit category

  3. Edit which business units to include using the check boxes on the left, then SAVE CHANGES.

    Business unit checkboxes

Consolidate Business Units

Calxa allows you to consolidate any combination of Business Units and if you have a hierarchy in your Business Unit structure such as that available in MYOB Jobs or QuickBooks Classes you can also create levels of consolidation at each of the available header business units. 

  1. To consolidate All Business Units click the consolidation icon next to All business units.

    Consolidate all business units

  2. Then select one of the following options.
    1. Consolidatedconsolidates all selected business units. 
    2. Consolidated and Detail - gives a consolidated total of all business units selected, as well as displaying the detail of each business unit individually. 
    3. Detail - shows the detail of each business unit individually.

      Consolidated and Detail

  3. For those with a hierarchy in their business units this same consolidation icon can be used to include multiple levels of consolidation. Remember to SAVE CHANGES.

    Consolidate header business units

Search & Bulk Actions

If you have a large list of business units it may be useful to use the search and bulk actions options provided.

  1. The Search Business Units bar allows you to search and filter the list of business units. Enter text to search by and the list of business units will be filtered as a wildcard search on the name and number.

    Search Business Units
  2. The Bulk Actions drop-down provides the following options. 
    1. Select all - can be used in conjunction with the search bar and selects all business units in the filtered list.

    2. Select none - deselects all business units in the filtered list.

    3. Expand all - expands the business unit hierarchy to show all detail.

    4. Collapse all - collapses the business unit hierarchy to display header levels only.

    5. Hide inactive - hide all inactive business units (this is the default behaviour on this screen).

    6. Show Inactive - shows all business units, including inactive business units.

      Bulk Actions menu