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If Calxa gets disconnected from your MYOB AccountRight company, it will no longer be able to synchronise financial information from MYOB to provide up-to-date reporting.

Your automated workflows that sync MYOB AccountRight data and run report bundles will also fail when disconnected.

This help note shows you how to reconnect to MYOB AccountRight to support ongoing syncing with Calxa. Details on how to sync your file can be found here. For instructions on how to add an organisation please see this help note.

  1. Sign in to Calxa, then go to the workspace where the MYOB AccountRight organisation you want to update sits.

  2. Click on My Workspace at the top of the screen.

  3. Click on Settings, then select the MYOB AccountRight organisation from the Selected organisation drop-down.

  4. To reconnect, click the ellipsis to the right of the Sync Now button, then select Reconnect from the drop-down.

    Note: If the Sync Now button is not greyed out, as shown above, but your organisation sync isn't working, you may need to first select Disconnect from the ellipsis drop-down, then click the ellipsis a second time and select Reconnect.

  5. Select the my.MYOB ID you would like to use from the dropdown and then click Add this Organisation on the desired organisation.

    Select MYOB ID and Company

  6. When completed, you will receive a pop-up message saying your online AccountRight company integration has been reinitialised.

  7. Click on Sync now button to update your organisation data from MYOB AccountRight.