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Once you have enabled the NDIA bulk claims feature in Calxa, your next step will be to set up an NDIA Customer Group so you can easily export your NDIA bulk claims invoices to a CSV file. This is described below.

To manage NDIA bulk claims in Calxa you will also need to set up Time Billing Invoices in MYOB.

Note: This feature is currently supported for MYOB AccountRight online only.

Calxa will consider other accounting systems based on customer demand - please email to register your interest.

  1. Navigate to My Workspace -> NDIA Claims -> NDIA Customers.

    Navigate to NDIA Customers screen

  2. Select the organisation you want to work with from the Selected organisation drop-down (if you have more than one organisation - otherwise go to step 3).

    Select your organisation

  3. If this is the first time you are creating a Customer Group in the online app, you will first need to sync the invoices from your accounting system before setting up the group.

    To sync your invoices, click on the Invoice Export menu at left.

    Navigation to Invoice Export screen

  4. Click the Sync Invoices button to bring in the Time Billing invoices from your accounting system.

    Click Sync Invoices button

  5. Now click on the NDIA Customers menu at left to create your NDIA Customer Group.

    Navigate to NDIA Customers screen

  6. The NDIA Customers screen will display a list of all customers in the panel at left. The customers in your Customer Group will be shown in the right panel. The Customer Group area will be empty the first time you go to this screen.

    You will add customers to your Customer Group by dragging and dropping them from the list of all customers at left over to the right panel.

    NDIA Customers screen overview

  7. Click on the customer you want to put in the Customer Group, then drag and drop it over into the Customer Group panel on the right.

    Drag and drop customer into customer group
    Note you must drag and drop each customer individually. Calxa will add functionality allowing you to drag and drop a selection and/or range of accounts in a future release.

  8. You can filter the list of all customers at left via the All Customers drop-down, or use the Search bar to find a customer by using any part of their name.

    Filter and Search customer list

    The All Customers drop-down allows you to filter customers by MYOB Identifiers or a Custom Lists.

    Filter customers by Identifier or Customer List
    Note: See the MYOB Setup for NDIA Bulk Claims help note for details about how to set up Identifiers and Custom Lists.

  9. You can also search your NDIA Customer Group for a particular customer using any part of their name.

    Search NDIA customers

    A search for 'wash' displays customer Washington Abigail.

    Search results

  10. Click on Save Changes once you have added all desired customers to your Customer Group.

    Note this group will be available to use again for your next bulk claims file export. This will save prep time, as you will only need to add any new NDIA customers to your Customer Group.

    Click on Save Changes

  11. To proceed with creating and exporting your NDIA Bulk Claims file, click on the Invoice Export menu at left.

    Click Invoice Export to create bulk claims file

Please refer to our other NDIA Bulk Claims help notes to learn about the full process: