Organisations who are registered providers with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) have access to the NDIS Provider Portal to make bulk claims. Claims are made by uploading a specifically formatted CSV file containing claim details. Calxa provides a feature to help you easily create the required CSV file. 

This help note will take you through the fields required in the CSV file and some examples of the MYOB setup to enter Time Billing Invoices. It will also explain how to add MYOB Identifiers and Custom Lists to enable you to filter your invoices by NDIA customers.


Note: The NDIA Bulk Claims feature is currently supported for MYOB AccountRight online only. Calxa will consider other accounting systems based on customer demand - please email to register your interest. 

Basic Setup - CSV File

To meet the technical requirements and the required CSV format as outlined in the NDIS Provider Toolkit, Calxa will use specific values from your underlying accounting setup and some values you enter directly into Calxa.


The following table shows what values are required in the CSV file and where they will come from in MYOB or Calxa.


Sourced from

RegistrationNumberCalxa General Settings - See Enable NDIA Bulk Claims
(Registration Number)
NDISNumberMYOB Customer Card
(Card ID)
SupportsDeliveredFromMYOB Time Billing Invoice row
SupportsDeliveredToMYOB Time Billing Invoice row
SupportNumberMYOB Time Billing Activity
(Activity ID)
ClaimReferenceMYOB Time Billing Invoice
(Invoice Number)
QuantityMYOB Time Billing Invoice row
(Quantity - for non-hourly activity types and Items)
HoursMYOB Time Billing Invoice row
(Hours - for hourly activity types)
UnitPriceMYOB Time Billing Invoice row
(Activity or Item Price)
GSTCodeMYOB Time Billing Invoice row
(Tax Code – If (rate==0%) { P1 } else { P2 })
AuthorisedByOptional Field
Enter into the CSV file after it's exported from Calxa if you want to use it
ParticipantApprovedAlways exported as Yes
InKindFundingProgramAlways exported as No (blank)


MYOB Customer Card example

MYOB Customer Card


MYOB Time Billing Activity example

MYOB Time Billing Activity


MYOB Time Billing Invoice example

MYOB Time Billing Invoice



MYOB Identifiers and Custom Lists for Filtering

If you have a large number of time billing invoices you may wish to consider using MYOB Custom Lists or Identifiers to provide filtering options in Calxa. This enables you to easily categorise your NDIA customers and therefore easily filter the NDIA related invoices before creating the bulk claim CSV upload.



Identifiers are one-letter labels you can assign to customer cards. If you want to be able to easily identify all NDIA customers you could assign them the identifier N and then filter all invoices in Calxa by that identifier.

To create identifiers go to the Lists menu and select Identifiers. The Identifiers window will open. Enter a name or description for as many identifiers as you want and click OK.

 Creating an Identifier



To assign identifiers to a customer go to the Card Details tab on the customer card, then click on the Identifiers button.

 Assign Identifier to a Customer Card



Click next to the identifier(s) you want to assign to the card. Click OK.

Select identifier



Custom Lists

Custom Lists are useful when you want to keep track of certain pieces of information about a customer, such as that they are an NDIA customer.

To name a custom list go to the Lists menu and select Custom Lists & Field Names, then choose Customers.

Enter names for the lists you want to create and click OK. In this example the list name is Customer Type.

 Naming Custom lists and Field names



To create a custom list item go to the Lists menu and select Custom Lists, then choose Customers.

Select the custom list you want to add an entry to, then click New.

Create new Custom list



Type in the custom list entry name (for example NDIA, Not NDIA) and click OK.

Custom List Name



To assign a custom list entry to a customer card go to the go to the Card Details tab on the customer card.

Select the list entry you want to assign to the customer card from the drop down menu in the custom list field. In the example below NDIA has been assigned to the Customer Type field. Click OK.

MYOB Card Custom List

Please refer to our other NDIA Bulk Claims help notes to learn about the full process: