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To build custom KPI formulas, you will need to name and group accounts so you can use them in your formulas. 

Account Groups are now available online, with one significant improvement over the legacy desktop design: when creating and editing account groups you can now display your accounts using custom Account Trees

See this recording for a video demonstration showing how to create Account Groups to use in KPI formulas.


Account Groups

Account groups are a named selection of accounts used to simplify the creation of KPI formulas. There are several default account groups provided for you in Calxa. You can use and edit these groups as well as create your own custom account groups.

To navigate to the Account Groups screen, first go to My Workspace -> KPIs.

Navigate to KPIs screen

Click on the Account Groups menu at left.

Click on Account Groups menu

To view the properties of an Account Group, select the group from the Account Groups list at left (1, shown below).

Account Group screen

Each Account Group has the following properties:

  1. Name: The name will be used to identify this Account Group in KPI formulas, this will need to be unique.

  2. Account Group type:The group type determines how the value of a group will be calculated.
    • Period Movement - Calculated as the sum of the movement in each account in the group for the reported period.

    • Annual Movement - Calculated as the sum of the movement in each account for the 12 month period ending at the end of the reporting period.

    • Closing Balance - Total of the closing balances on all selected accounts, at the end of the reporting period.

  3. Description: A description of the group of accounts. For custom KPIs you can type your own description in the box.

  4. Account Selection: The selection of accounts included in the Account Group calculation.

Note: The default Account Groups' Name, Account Group type and Description cannot be edited.

The Account Selection can be edited for the following account groups: Fixed Costs, Wages, Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Default Bank, Inventory and Owner's Equity.

Edit Account Selection

This option is only available for your custom account groups and the Fixed Costs, Wages, Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Default Bank, Inventory and Owner's Equity Account Groups.

Edit Account Group

  1. To edit the accounts included in an Account Group, select the group from the Account Groups list.

  2. Select the account checkboxes of the accounts you wish to include in the Account Group. Deselect the account checkboxes of the accounts you wish to remove.

  3. Click the Save Changes button when you are happy with your selection.

Note you can revert back to the Calxa default selection of accounts for the Fixed Costs, Wages, Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Default Bank, Inventory and Owner's Equity Account Groups at any time.

To do this, click the Bulk Actions drop-down and select Use defaults. Click Save Changes.

Create Custom Account Groups

There are several default Account Groups provided for you, however there may be times when the default groups don't quite fit your needs for a particular KPI formula you want to build. In these situations you can create your own custom Account Group.

  1. Click the New account group button that sits above the list of Account Groups.

    Create new Account Group

  2. The Add New Account Group box will open. Select the calculation method from the Group type drop-down (i.e. Period movement, Closing balance, Annual movement).

    Enter the name you'd like to use in the Group name field, then click Add New Group.

    Add New Account Group pop-up
    Remember the Account Group type determines how the value of an Account Group will be calculated.

  3. You can change a custom Account Group's type by selecting the group from the list of Account Groups at left, then choosing the type from the drop-down shown below, then clicking Save Changes.

    Change Account Group type

  4. You can enter a description of what your Account Group represents, if you like (this is optional). Click into the area below the group name to add your description, then click Save Changes.

    Add Account Group Description

  5. If you haven't already done so, select the organisation you want to work in from the drop-down. You should repeat steps 6-7 for each organisation you plan to use the custom KPI with.

    Select your organisation

  6. To use one of your custom account trees to select the accounts in your account group, select the tree from the Account Tree drop-down, or, if preferred, use the Default Account Tree (your accounting system's chart of accounts).

    Select custom account tree
    Choose account tree

  7. Use the checkboxes to select/deselect the desired accounts for your new account group. Click Save Changes when done.

    Select desired accounts

  8. Note you can also search for account(s) using the Search bar (1 shown below).

    There are Bulk Actions you can access (2 shown below), which work with the entire chart of accounts when you haven't used the search bar, or the accounts brought up from a search when you have used it.

    Search and Bulk Actions

Copy, Delete, and Search for Account Groups

Copy an Account Group

You might choose to copy an Account Group to give yourself a jump-start with creating a new group. 

  1. To copy a group, select the group from the Account Groups list, then click the Copy button.

    Click Copy button to copy Account Group

  2. The new group will be called Copy 'Original Group Name'.

    New account group created by Copy

  3. Rename the new group by selecting it from the Accounts Group list, then clicking into the Name field and typing in a new name. Click Save Changes.

    Rename Account Group

Delete an Account Group

You can delete custom Account Groups you have created, however you cannot delete any of Calxa's default Account Groups. Calxa default groups have a grey padlock next to the Copy button button indicating they can't be deleted.

  1. To delete a group, select the group from the Account Groups list, then click the Delete button.

    Delete Account Group

  2. A confirmation box will pop up. Click Delete Account Group to confirm deletion, note that any existing KPIs using this group will now fail and this is NOT recoverable.

    Confirm Delete Account Group

Search for Account Groups

There is an option to use the search bar to look for particular Account Groups, for users with lengthy group lists.

  1. Click into the Search account groups bar at the top of the Account Groups list.

    Search Account Groups

  2. Type in the name, or part of the name, of the Account Group you are looking for (1 below). A list of possible matches will display below that. Click on the group you want to work with, and it will be opened to the right (2 below).

    Type in group name