For instructions to purchase a Calxa subscription directly without first taking out a trial, please follow the steps below.

Note Calxa is available for a 30-day Free Trial if you are a new user. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity before purchasing.

If you instead want to upgrade your trial to a subscription, please see the Purchase from a Trial help note. 

  1. Click here to purchase a Calxa subscription directly with no trial.

  2. STEP 1 - Enter your details. Enter your name, email address and the password you'd like to use. Accept the terms and conditions, then click Confirm.

    Enter your details

  3. If you've previously had a Calxa trial or subscription, you will get a message advising you are already registered as a Calxa user. In this case, click the I have a Calxa Account button at the top right to proceed.

    Already registered as a Calxa user

    On the next screen, sign in with your email and password.  Then continue with STEP 2 shown in 4. below. You can reset your password by clicking on I FORGOT MY PASSWORD.

    Sign in with your Calxa username

  4. STEP 2 - Select your product and payment method. (1) Select a product, the outside of the box will highlight orange; (2) Select payment method; (3) Cost will appear in the bottom right corner of the page; (4) If desired, move the sliders to add users and organisations above what is included in the product selected; 

    (4) Once (1)-(3) are selected the SUBSCRIBE NOW button will activate and highlight to Green. Click SUBSCRIBE NOW.

    Select product and payment method

  5. A form will pop up relating to your chosen payment option. Fill in the payment details as appropriate. The payment will be processed and you will be brought to STEP 3.

  6. STEP 3 - Add your first organisation. After clicking Confirm as noted in point 2. above, you will be prompted to add your first organisation.

    Click on the icon for the accounting system you use. Calxa integrates with MYOB (Essentials and AccountRight online), Xero and QuickBooks Online.

    Add your first online organisation
    See the following help notes containing instructions for each online accounting system:
    - Add a MYOB AccountRight Organisation (Online Library)
    - Add a Xero Organisation
    - Add a QuickBooks Online Organisation 
    - Add a MYOB Essentials Organisation

    Note: MYOB AccountRight Local and Network libraries files are not supported by Calxa online.

  7. STEP 4 - Set your preferences. Set your preferences by selecting them from the drop-down menus in each section. Click All Done when finished.

    Set your Preferences