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The Designer allows Calxa Premier customers to customise their reports by editing the report templates. It is an advanced feature that exposes some developer tools to end users, so we recommend users first get familiar with reporting in Calxa before tackling custom reports. Many times you'll find that Calxa already provides the report format you want in one of its 120+ templates, preventing the need for you to venture into the designer.

This help note walks through the basic steps to create and edit a custom template as well as show you how to rename, copy and delete a template.

More articles will be added over time showing how to perform specific tasks in the Designer. For now, please feel free to contact Calxa Customer Support with any report customisation queries you may have. The video above as well as the Advanced Custom Report Techniques and Design your Own Charts videos cover several of the most common customisations users look to do.


Navigate to the Designer

  1. Click on Reports.

    Reports menu

  2. The default screen is the Builder, which is where you will be working.

    Builder menu

  3. Select and open the template you want to edit in the Builder. Please see the Select a Report Template help note for instructions on this step. For this example we will customise the Actual vs Budget template.

  4. Click the ellipsis next to the Refresh button, then select Customise template from the drop-down.

    Open Designer

  5. When you select Customise template a custom template will be created and opened in the Designer.

    Designer screen

  6. You can open the template in a full browser screen by clicking on the pop-out button next to the X at top right.

    Open template in full screen

Save a Custom Template

When you have finished editing your template you will need to save your changes. In the desktop client, your templates are saved automatically when you close a template, however this is not the case in the online app.

  1. To save your template click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the Designer and click Save.

    Save Custom Template

  2. Click on the X at the top right to close the Designer.

    Close template

Rename a Custom Template

You must have your custom template open in the Builder in order to rename it. 

  1. Click on the ellipsis next to the Refresh button.

    Report ellipsis

  2. Select Edit Properties from the drop-down.

    Select Edit properties

  3. The default custom template name before renaming our sample is Custom Actual vs Budget. The default name will always be the default template name with the word Custom in front of it.

    Default custom template name

  4. Click into the Name field and type in a new template name that is descriptive for yourself, then click Save Properties.

  5. Note you can also change the title that will appear in your report when it's displayed by editing the Report title field. Enter the desired report title and click Save Properties.

    Edit Report title

Find a Custom Template in the Builder

  1. Go to the Builder screen via the navigation shown below.

    Go to Builder screen

  2. Custom templates can be identified by the tile image below showing a pie chart, bar chart and numbers report. No defaults templates use this image.

    Custom Template tile

  3. If you've used this template recently you may be able to select it from the Recently used reports section of the Builder. When you have multiple custom templates the name displayed on the template tile will help you find the one you need.

    Recently used templates

  4. When you know the name of your template you can type the name into the Search bar to find it.

    Report search bar

  5. Custom templates also retain the original search tags of the default template upon which they were based and the Custom tag is also applied, so you can filter by tags to locate a template.

    Custom search tags

Edit a Custom Template

  1. Open your template in the Builder, then click on the ellipsis next to the Refresh button.

    Report ellipsis

  2. Select Edit template from the drop-down. Make the desired changes and save the template.

    Edit template

Copy a Custom Template

  1. Open your template in the Builder, then click on the ellipsis next to the Refresh button.

    Report ellipsis 2

  2. Select Copy template from the drop-down. This will make a copy and open the copy in the builder screen.

  3. The name of the template copy will be the original template name with a at the end if this is the first copy you've made. Otherwise it will increase the last copy number by one.

    Template copy tile

Delete a Custom Template

  1. Open your template in the Builder, then click on the ellipsis next to the Refresh button.

    Report ellipsis 3

  2. Select Delete custom template from the drop-down.

    Delete custom template
  3. A box will pop up to ask if you are sure you want to remove the template. If you wish to proceed with deleting it, click the Remove Template button.

    Remove Template

    The template will be deleted and then Calxa will bring you back to the Builder screen where you can select another template.