This software update introduces a new Bank Movement Chart, Bank Movement Spreadsheet report. We’ve made enhancements to the Budget Factory and added an alias option to your organisation names.

Planned Release Date: Wednesday, 4 March 2015.

Error Message re. Update – 2.6.0

When installing this update, if you get a warning message such as ‘Some of the updates failed to install properly’, please ignore as this is likely to be a false warning. Details are epxlained in the New Installer description below. 

New: Bank Movement Spreadsheet Report

This new report is a 12 month multi period report that starts with your opening bank balance and tracks movements through your P&L and Balance Sheet to a closing bank for each month. By default this report shows budgeted values, however you can optionally include actuals up to a given month which will then show forecast values for the remainder where the opening and closing bank will tie back to your Cashflow Forecast report.

Improved: Budget Factory Enhancements

You may notice some wording changes throughout the wizard to help describe each step however there are also new features and improvements. Calxa detects if the source contains inactive accounts and you have a choice to include or exclude them. Additionally calculations on Cost of Sales accounts now extends the percentage of income rate which may be applied to consecutive years and the wizard may now be run on balance sheet accounts as well as P&L accounts.

Improved: Added an Alias for Organisations

In some cases you may have an organisation imported twice with the same name. You may now provide each organisation with a unique alias which allows you to easily identify them when only a name is displayed.

Improved: Introducing a New Installer

The benefits of this installer won’t really be felt until we release our next update but we have created a new application installer. Currently when installing updates you need to download the full application. With the new installer we will be able to better manage these updates by providing different update paths using patch files instead of the full installer. In short this will mean you can update Calxa with very small downloads. As a result however this update may not communicate with the old update manager and return a message like, 'Some of the updates failed to install properly.' Please ignore this message as it is most likely a false warning.

Fix: When Organisation Name has Spaces at the End

Some users experienced errors when trying to import an organisation from AccountRight Live that started or ended with a space. This has been resolved and the space is removed during the import.

Fix: Express Users can Edit Tax Codes

In our previous update we locked the Tax Code editing for Express users. This was a mistake and has now been resolved.